Air Conditioner & Heater Repair in Raeford, NC

History of Raeford NC

The history of the city of Raeford is integrally linked with Hoke County, the 99th county in North Carolina, as Raeford is the county seat. The city is named for two men, John McRae and A.A. Williford, who established a post office in the community. The original settlement of the area took place informally on an old cotton field in 1898, and arrival of the Aberdeen and Rockfish Railroad a year later led to the community’s official establishment. Beginning as a small town that was developed to meet the educational needs in the area and to transport cotton, the modern-day city thrives based on industrial influences in the county.

Raeford Demographic Information

Raeford’s population is approximately 4,000 residents today. The median age of residents is 39.4 years, and the median household income is approximately $26,536. The median home value in the community is $120,847, and the median gross rent is $597.

Education in and Near Raeford

Students in Raeford are served by Hoke County Schools, and 11 of the county’s 14 schools are located in Raeford. These include seven elementary campuses, one middle school, and one high school along with an alternative school. The school system’s mission is focused on preparing its students to be ready for careers upon completion of college and to be globally competitive as they face life in the 21st Century. Parents also have access to 57 preschools and 55 private schools in the area to address specialized educational interests.

Residents who may need solutions for post-secondary education programs or classes can select from more than 40 colleges and universities within a radius of 120 miles of Raeford. These include nearby campuses within a 20-mile range. Fayetteville State University is a small public institution just 19 miles away. The University of North Carolina Pembroke is a medium-size public school located 20 miles away in Pembroke.

Raeford’s Community Resources and Attractions

Residents and visitors to the area can enjoy Battlefield Military Museum, located 15 miles from the center of Raeford. Scottish influence in the early development of the community may be experienced today through regional cuisine. Those in Raeford can benefit from local produce and foods offered for sale at the Hoke County Farmer’s Market. The county parks and recreation department also offers and maintains numerous facilities with activities to promote healthy living for all age groups. Access to print and electronic reading material is available through the Hoke County Public Library as well. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy the natural beauty of the community through access to numerous ponds and creeks in the region.

Raeford Climate

Summers in the community can be hot and humid as July temperatures average 91. The yearly rainfall in the area averages 47.6 inches, much more than the average for the nation. January low temperatures average 29.3 degrees, and snowfall levels average 3.1 inches annually. The area experiences approximately 217 sunny days per year and 117 days of precipitation.

Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Raeford

Those residing in Raeford need to be able to depend on their home comfort equipment during the most extreme seasonal conditions. It is important to include pre-season air conditioning and heating maintenance in a household care plan to ensure that equipment is tuned-up and ready for the most extreme conditions. Additionally, these heating and air conditioning services ensure that equipment components and indoor air conditions are safe.

Bass Air Conditioning Company is proud to carry on a legacy of outstanding home comfort service and community involvement that began with our founding in 1952. We provide a comprehensive range of services to our Raeford customers, including heating and air conditioning repair, new installations, equipment maintenance and other services.

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