Do you love DIY maintenance of domestic appliances in your Fayetteville, North Carolina, home? Doing small household repairs yourself is a great way to save money. But repairing a complex HVAC system can be dangerous and expensive. Here are three serious risks of DIY HVAC repairs you need to know about:

Electric Shock

Firstly, HVAC systems are powerful appliances that require a large amount of electric voltage for optimal performance. Manufacturers place warnings at conspicuous locations on the units to alert you to the risks of tampering with the unit.

Without proper training, you risk getting a life-threatening electric shock if you dismantle your HVAC system for repairs. The electric current can hurt you seriously and damage the equipment. As a result, you might end up with a hefty medical bill and a broken system, which insurance won’t cover.

Voided Warranty

One condition many manufacturers have for warranty compliance is that a certified expert must carry out the periodic HVAC maintenance. If your warranty policy contains this term and you DIY repair, you risk losing your manufacturer’s support. As a result, the manufacturer won’t provide any repair or replacement services under the warranty if they discover you damaged the unit by doing the repairs yourself.

Wasted Money

Lastly, HVAC units are complex and require the competence of a qualified professional. Even if you’re good with mechanical and electrical appliances, an HVAC system requires specialist skills and tools, which you probably don’t have. If you don’t have the right tools, it becomes difficult to troubleshoot and identify the issue. As a result, it makes it impossible to find the correct solution, leading to wasted money and time.

It’s safer and more cost-effective to hire a trained professional HVAC service technician to check on your appliance whenever it needs tune-ups and repairs. An expert has the requisite training and the right tools to diagnose your HVAC problems and proffer proper solutions.

At Bass Air Conditioning Company, we’re committed to providing you the best HVAC maintenance and repair services for improved performance. Call us today at 910-778-1536 for fast and friendly HVAC service.

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