Waterproof and Insulate Your HVAC System

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HVAC upgrades pinpoint the valuable but simple selling points of your home. Upgrades such as dual-pane windows and smart HVAC systems make homes more valuable. Boost the equity and value of your Wade, NC, home with these HVAC upgrades:

Waterproof and Insulate Your HVAC System

Insulating and waterproofing your ducting and piping system does more than make your home look more valuable. Properly insulated ducting and piping systems protect your home from extreme noise and high temperature levels. Thus, making your living environment safer, healthier, quieter and more comfortable.

When not insulated, your HVAC piping and ducts lose a certain amount of energy every time your system operates. It’s advisable to insulate these parts of your HVAC system to prevent thermal losses and improve energy efficiency.

Moreover, when you insulate your ducts, the air flowing through them will maintain its temperature. It won’t gain or lose temperature, triggering problems such as water dripping and condensation. Insulation also absorbs your HVAC system’s vibration and prevents water icing.

Proper Sizing of Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system should meet its heating and cooling needs for your home’s equity to be higher. In other words, your HVAC system should heat and cool your home efficiently. Your HVAC system should be large enough to heat and cool your home efficiently.

Proper HVAC system sizing prevents instances when you’ll get an extra extensive system that makes your home uncomfortable. It also prevents instances when you’ll get a system that’s too small to heat or cool your home efficiently. Smaller HVAC systems cause cooling and heating inefficiencies and an increase in energy bills.

Replace Your Outdated HVAC System

An outdated HVAC system can make your home lose equity. An HVAC system that can’t heat or cool your home efficiently makes it hard to keep temperatures under control. When your system can’t cool your home in summer or heat it well in winter, your home will always be uncomfortable to live in.

To raise the equity of your home, you should replace your outdated HVAC system. When replacing the HVAC system, look for energy-efficient HVAC systems that can efficiently heat and cool your home without increasing utility bills. Hire an expert for the best repair, maintenance and installation services, and get your new HVAC system installed and appropriately maintained for optimal efficiency.

Install High-End UV Lamps

Biological growth in damp areas in your home, such as the kitchen and sinks, is common. These contaminants also build around HVAC systems.

Consistency in cleaning these areas could save you from harmful pathogens and airborne diseases. Additionally, it saves you from paying heavily on energy bills caused by the forceful operation. Installing UV lamps is a great HVAC upgrade that comes with many benefits.

UV lamps work efficiently to prevent possible biological growth in damp areas. These systems kill growing pathogens and bacteria on your HVAC system and coils.

Invest in Zoning Systems

Zoning systems make homes smart and comfortable. The systems offer features that allow temperature regulation in different parts of your home.

Additionally, they let you zone hot or cold temperatures to the rooms you use frequently. That translates to lower energy consumption and increased savings on your monthly bills.

Zoning emphasizes heating the rooms used frequently and leaving the unused rooms alone. Today’s zoning systems have a range of smart and energy-efficient features.

If you’re looking for HVAC services to boost the value of your home, we’re here to help. Call Bass Air Conditioning Company to learn more about our HVAC installation and repair services. Our highly trained and certified service technicians have decades of experience.

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