How to Maintain Your HVAC’s Air Flow

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Sometimes HVAC vents get in the way of your interior design ideas. When your Lumberton, North Carolina, home has so many, you might think blocking one or two is no big deal. In fact, blocking even one supply or return HVAC vent can cause problems for your system and for your home’s interior environment.

Furniture and Carpets Can Restrict Air Flow

Most homes don’t have enough return air vents. Because these vents are more likely to be on or near the floor, they often get blocked by rugs or furniture. Your HVAC system needs those vents; it uses them to pull air into the system, which it then conditions to your preferred temperature. Without enough air supply, your coils can freeze or produce too much condensation, damaging your HVAC system’s interior workings.

You Might Damage Your Things

If you block an essential vent in one of your home’s rooms, you could cause the humidity in that room to climb higher than the rest of the house. Humidity wreaks havoc on furniture, textiles, clothes, and books. It also encourages mold growth. Once mold and mildew start growing in fabric, it’s almost impossible to get the damage out.

Vents Need 10 Inches of Space

It’s time to rethink your interior design if you’ve got supply or return vents in your home blocked. These vents need at least 10 inches of clearance to work, but more clearance is better. Move any rugs that are covering return vents in the floor. Shorten curtains that hang down and cover your vents. Push couches, chairs, and cabinets out of the way so those vents are free to move the air through your home.

If you already have a blocked vent, call Bass Air. We’ll come check your system, including any freezing or extra condensation on your coils, and perform the maintenance that needs to happen. We can also examine your existing setup for vent blockage.

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