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You Can Reduce System Installation Costs

Until a century ago, the most you could do to get warm or cool off would be to wear extra layers of clothes or open a window. Today, modern HVAC systems give us heat and cool air instantly inside our homes. A ductless HVAC system, also called a mini-split, offers an energy-efficient way to save money on your cooling and heating costs in Spring Lake, NC.

You Can Reduce System Installation Costs

Ductless mini-splits have two parts: an outdoor condenser and an air-handler that sits indoors. It contains the evaporator.

Unlike installing a room air conditioner, all that’s required to install a ductless mini-split is a 3-inch opening to allow for power connections, refrigerant tubing, and other lines to connect the condenser and evaporator. You can easily install the air-handling unit, which resembles a room air conditioner, on a wall or ceiling.

This reduced installation time is something you and your household budget will appreciate. Compared to adding on to your existing home HVAC system with more equipment and new ductwork, a ductless HVAC system is a cost-efficient investment.

You Can Maximize Operating Efficiency

Since a ductless HVAC system doesn’t require air ducts to deliver conditioned air to the rooms of your home, it can direct conditioned air only to the area where it’s located. As a result, you can maximize your mini-split’s overall operating efficiency.

You Can Create Zones in Your Home

Ductless mini-splits make ideal cooling and heating solutions for new home additions. But they can also work together as a whole-home HVAC system. To achieve cooling and heating comfort, install multiple air-handling units throughout your house to create zones. This zoned arrangement can allow you to heat or cool a room inside your home that’s occupied, and you can turn the air handlers in unused rooms on or off.

For expert ductless HVAC system installation, contact Bass Air Conditioning Company. We’re here to help you save through all four seasons of the year.

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