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Trim the Trees

Severe cold poses not only a threat to you and your family, but it can also wreak havoc on your home heating. Taking preventive steps to protect your home from extreme cold before strong storms and frigid temperatures descend adds a measure of security, both personal and financial.

Trim the Trees

Trees and large shrubs can lose limbs during strong winds or in the aftermath of an ice storm. When limbs sit too close to your home’s structure, including the roof, they can break off and fall on it. A hole in the attic or siding lets in massive amounts of cold air and may take days or weeks to fix.

Wrap the Pipes

Frozen water pipes may slow down normal life at home, but a broken pipe can cause serious damage to the plumbing and your home’s flooring and walls. If you have any pipes running through uninsulated areas away from a heat source, wrap the pipes with pipe insulation. It’s readily available at home centers, easy to install and affordable.

Insulate the Attic

Improving attic insulation will keep more heat in your home. Installing it when it’s cool out is much easier than when you’re battling the stifling attic heat.

Have the Heating System Serviced

Nothing can protect your family from severe cold better than your home heating system. Having it professionally serviced will reduce the risk of it failing when you most need it. A clean, adjusted furnace will use less energy than one that’s neglected with fewer breakdowns. Keeping the air filter clean will improve performance, as well.

Seal Air Leaks

Use caulk or expanding foam to seal any air leaks around window frames and foam around larger holes used for plumbing, wires or cables. Having your HVAC expert seal ductwork leaks will keep you warmer and lower home heating costs, as well. Leaking ducts decrease indoor air quality and can even pull deadly carbon monoxide into your home.

The experts at Bass Air Conditioning Company can help you protect your home from severe cold. We’ve provided exceptional HVAC services for the Fayetteville area since 1952.

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