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Reduced Energy Consumption

Efficiency is a priority for many Fayetteville, North Carolina, homeowners. Geothermal heat pumps are quickly becoming the most popular options thanks to their eco-sensitivity and energy efficiency. Here are some of the benefits of installing a geothermal heat pump:

Reduced Energy Consumption

One of the major perks of geothermal heat pump systems is how little energy they consume. A geothermal pump works via two main components. This includes the pump and the underground pipes that fill with water or an anti-freeze solution.

When heating, the liquid in the pipes uses the heat from the ground and transfers it to the pump that uses forced air circulation. When cooling, the system works in the opposite direction. It pulls hot air from your home, transferring it to the earth while returning cooler air back.

The system is essentially passive, moving heat from one place to another. Since it isn’t changing the temperature of the air like traditional HVAC systems, it only needs to draw on energy to move the air.

Lower Running Costs

Since the system doesn’t use combustion or pull extra energy to heat or cool, you’ll end up with lower operating costs. After you install a geothermal heat pump, you’ll see a dramatic drop in your energy bills thanks to the reduced energy pull and little-to-no fuel consumption.

Purchasers have noted a 30 to 60 percent drop in heating costs alone. Since costs are lower, homeowners can freely use their climate control system. This leads to increased comfort year round.

Less Maintenance

Geothermal heat pumps are not overly complicated systems and, once installed, require very little maintenance. They don’t have as many moving components as traditional climate control systems, and none of their parts are exposed to the elements.

Since wear and tear are minimal, the underground portion of the systems can last up to 50 years. What’s more, the indoor components up to 25 years with little to no issues.

If a geothermal heat pump sounds right for you, give Bass Air Conditioning Company a call at 910-778-1536 today to schedule a consultation. We’re standing by to help boost your home’s efficiency.

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