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Odors and Fragrances

Your home should be a safe haven for your family. However, poor air quality in your Lumberton-area home can pose a serious threat to your family’s health. There are many ways in which our daily activities can reduce the quality of our indoor air. The more you know, the more proactive you can be in safeguarding your household’s well-being.

Odors and Fragrances

Cooking and cleaning supplies in particular, can affect indoor air quality. Decrease cooking odors and related moisture by running the exhaust fan in your kitchen during and after meal preparation. Cleaning products and other items in our homes may contain volatile organic compounds,(VOCs) which can be extremely harmful. Replace cleaning and other household products with natural or fragrance-free solutions. Look for labels that specify that products are free from toxic chemicals.

High Humidity Levels

High humidity makes your home uncomfortable, but can also affect your health. High humidity creates an environment where mold and harmful bacteria can thrive. Increased growth of allergens too, can worsen asthma and other respiratory symptoms. If your home is very humid, a whole-home dehumidifier is an effective solution.

Recirculating Pollen and Pet Dander

Your air conditioning system should filter out major allergens like pollen and pet dander, along with dust and debris. Your air conditioner will only do so effectively if the air filter is cleaned or changed regularly. Dirty air filters not only fail to remove harmful substances from the air, but also waste energy. A dirty filter slows air flow and forces your air conditioner to work harder.

Dangerous Radon or Carbon Monoxide Levels

Gas ranges can emit dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide (CO), and radon can come from the ground under your house. These poisonous, colorless and odorless gases can quickly and easily make your family sick. If you have reason to suspect problems with radon, get your home tested immediately. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning ensure all appliances are properly installed and operated, and install a CO alarm in keeping with all safety requirements.

Contact the experts at Bass Air Conditioning Company at (910) 778-1536 for effective solutions to your indoor air quality challenges. Even if you think your home is safe, there are hidden dangers you might not be able to identify. Don’t take chances with your family’s health. Call us today!

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