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Loud Banging Noises

You’re probably already familiar with the sounds that your Fayetteville, NC, home makes. Creaky floorboards, doors that squeak every time they open and other noises are a part of your daily routine. However, a noisy furnace can often indicate trouble that you need to take care of right away.

Loud Banging Noises

Your furnace should turn on and off in almost complete silence. If there’s a loud banging sound every time the furnace ignites, something isn’t working properly.

The problem may stem from dirty burners in the furnace that have delayed the ignition, causing the gas to build up before it ignites. Another possibility is that there’s some damaged ductwork restricting the amount of airflow in your home.


A rattling sound emitting from your furnace is usually something as simple as a panel that has worked itself loose or a screw that isn’t as tight. However, it could also be something as serious as a crack or a leak in the heat exchanger. Because this rattling sound can stem from such a wide range of issues, you should never try to diagnose or repair the issue on your own.

Metal on Metal

There’s nothing quite like the sound of metal rubbing against more metal. If you hear this loud scraping sound, it usually means that your furnace’s blower wheel has come loose. As such, you need to turn the furnace off immediately. Other causes can include a blower fan that has broken and is beating against the casing around it.

No matter what’s causing your noisy furnace, we have a team of trained service technicians who know how to handle it the right way. Call Bass Air Conditioning Company today to find out about our repair, installation and maintenance services that can keep your home comfortable every day of the year.

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