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Install Smart Power Strips

When you head out of town on vacation, you don’t want to be bothered by thoughts about things that could be going wrong at your Fayetteville, North Carolina, home. Home automation can help you to relax so you can focus on enjoying your vacation. Control your HVAC system, lighting, security, and more while you’re away from home.

Install Smart Power Strips

When you’re packing suitcases, organizing road snacks, confirming flight reservations, and attending to all the other details of a vacation, you might forget some of the more mundane house chores. If you neglect to turn off appliances and electronics when you leave, you could waste serious cash. Those products will continue to consume power from your home’s electrical system, which means wasted energy.

Smart power strips, also called advanced power strips or APSs, offer a sensible solution. They deliver all the benefits of a regular power strip, but they also automatically shut off appliances and devices that shift from active to standby mode. When devices are left plugged in, they still draw power, but a smart power strip will shut them off entirely to save your family money.

Use a WiFi Thermostat

A regular thermostat that features only a couple of buttons to turn the temperature up and down won’t serve you well when you’re on vacation — or at any other time, for that matter. Modern thermostats with WiFi connectivity give you complete control over your thermostat when you’re at home as well as when you’re away. Just download the brand’s app to your smartphone or tablet.

If the weather forecast changes back home, you can easily tap into your home’s system and make adjustments to your air conditioner and HVAC system. You will also be able to check your system’s status to ensure it’s not experiencing mechanical failure or other issues.

WiFi thermostats offer benefits when you return from vacation, too. They often have large, colorful touch screens that make shifting through various screens a breeze. They’ll notify you when your system needs maintenance and show you the upcoming weather forecast, so you can effectively manage your indoor temperature and humidity level.

Make Your Home Look Occupied

Homeowners have used light timers for years to make their homes look occupied while they’re on vacation or business trips. However, timers offer little flexibility in terms of timing. They turn lights on and off at the same time every day, and an observant criminal will recognize the patterns. Additionally, if the timers malfunction or if you forget to set them before you leave, they become useless.

Smart lights use an app to schedule more dynamic lighting changes. You might have your living room lamp come on at 3 p.m. on Monday and at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, for instance, to give a more natural impression. Plus, you can vary the lights you turn on while you’re on vacation. In addition to improving security, you’ll also gain more control over your lights’ energy consumption.

Manage Your Security System

Old-school security systems might sound the alarm if an intruder breaches your defenses, but modern systems offer far more flexibility and control. A smart security system allows you to check on your home while you’re on vacation. If you have security cameras, for instance, you can monitor your home remotely. You can also arm and disarm the system from a distance.

Some systems allow you to manage and control indoor and outdoor lighting, window blinds, and appliances as well. Set schedules in advance, so you don’t have to update your app constantly while you’re away, and get in touch with authorities through the app if you notice anything amiss. Smart security systems and smart HVAC systems work hand-in-hand to protect your home and give you peace of mind while you enjoy yourself in another city or country.

The latest technology doesn’t just delight tech-friendly consumers. It’s also useful for maintaining an efficient home and protecting your property. For more tips, HVAC maintenance, and other services, call Bass Air Conditioning Company today at 910-778-1536.

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