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Indoor Air Quality and the Impacts on Your Family’s Health

Indoor Air Quality and the Impacts on Your Family’s Health

An air cleaner as part of your home’s forced-air heating and cooling system often solves the problems that poor indoor air quality creates and leads to a healthier home environment. Varying humidity levels, lack of ventilation and chemicals used indoors can expose you and your family members to unhealthy air inside your home.

Potentially Toxic Indoor Pollutants

  • Radon – Although the vast majority of this region in North Carolina has acceptable levels of radon, unless the level is measured and tested, it’s impossible to know if radon is a problem in your home. Next to smoking, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S.
  • Pesticide use – Indiscriminate use of pesticides indoors may cause low birth weight, cancer, or acute poisoning. Before using pesticides indoors, read the entire label carefully and take all the precautions the manufacturer advises.
  • Tobacco smoke – Of all the preventable indoor pollutants, tobacco smoke tops the list. The gases from indoor smoking contain particles that even the best air cleaner can’t capture.
  • Moisture and mold – Mold thrives inside your home when there’s enough moisture present. It will destroy anything it grows on and spread airborne spores that cause allergic or asthmatic reactions.

Creating a Healthier Home Environment

  • Smoke alarms – According to the Centers for Disease Control, 25 percent of the homes in the U.S. don’t have a working smoke alarm. Smoke inhalation from fires can be deadly in minutes. Having at least one smoke alarm with a working battery can preserve lives.
  • Ventilation – Balanced ventilation systems exhaust stale indoor air and replace it with fresh outdoor air. They transfer the thermal energy of the outgoing air to the incoming air, saving your energy dollars. Fresh air ventilation reduces the concentrations of harmful indoor gases.
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers – Managing humidity year-round with your HVAC system eases breathing and increases comfort.
  • Air cleaners – Advanced filtration systems and germicidal lights improve indoor air quality year-round, especially whole-house units that attach to the HVAC system.

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