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Improve Efficiency

The cost to heat and cool your Raeford, North Carolina, home is substantial. In fact, the Department of Energy reports that nearly half of the energy used in homes goes toward the HVAC system. With an energy-efficient Carrier air conditioning system, you can save money each month and reduce energy usage.

Improve Efficiency

Millions of homes throughout the United States are more than 30 years old. If your home falls under this category, consider whether the HVAC system has ever undergone an upgrade. If not, you could be wasting a lot of money and energy each month with an inefficient system. Older units can’t keep up with the newer, more efficient units. Even regular HVAC maintenance can’t change the fact that an outdated system is wasting energy.

When you upgrade to a Carrier air conditioning unit, you can choose one with a high SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) to improve the overall efficiency and reduce energy waste. Options include the Comfort 16 Central Air Conditioner or the Infinity 16 Central Air Conditioner. The Department of Energy also reports that homeowners can save up to 40 percent on cooling costs when replacing an old unit with one that has a high SEER rating.

Take Advantage of Tax Credits

The federal government offers a Nonbusiness Energy Property Tax Credit for homeowners who perform qualified upgrades that improve efficiency. Having your central air conditioner replaced with an efficient unit could qualify you to earn this tax credit. Talk to your HVAC technician about which Carrier models qualify under this option. The benefit is up to 10 percent of the qualified energy efficiency improvements and 100 percent of residential energy property costs, up to a max set by the Department of Energy.

You might also qualify for tax credits or bill credits with your local government or energy company.

It’s easy to see why people are upgrading their HVAC systems to newer models that are more efficient. Learn more about an upgraded Carrier cooling system by calling Bass Air Conditioning at 910-778-1536.

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