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Improve Air Circulation

Have you ever walked into someone’s home during the winter and saw their ceiling fans running? You probably think they’re using the fans to cool the home because the furnace has made certain rooms too hot. In reality, many people use ceiling fans to increase their heating efficiency during the winter. Here’s how you can use ceiling fans during the winter to improve comfort levels in your Sanford, North Carolina, home:

Improve Air Circulation

Ceiling fans increase evaporation by generating a breeze, which is especially important for keeping your home cooler during the warmer months. But in the winter, a ceiling fan helps to evenly distribute heat throughout your home. As a result, it quickly improves indoor comfort levels.

To effectively use ceiling fans during the winter, locate the fan’s blade rotation switch. Adjust it so the blades turn clockwise. In this mode, the ceiling fans will push colder air upward, displacing the warmer air lingering near the ceiling. As a result, they’ll distribute heat more evenly throughout your home. If you leave the fans turning counterclockwise, they’ll push cooler air down, creating a chilling effect.

Increase Warmth

Another way to use ceiling fans during the winter is to install those that have a built-in heating element. A heated ceiling fan creates heat and distributes it throughout the room it’s in. During the warmer months, you can switch the heating element off and use it to cool a room. Just make sure the ceiling fan rotates counterclockwise to create a wind-chill effect. Also, turn it off before leaving a room to avoid wasting energy.

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