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Identify Performance Issues

Many persons purchasing a home do not think about the HVAC system. The HVAC system is one of your home’s most expensive features. Around Fayetteville, NC, with humid summers and unpredictable winters, the HVAC system can be one of its most important features as well. Having your HVAC system thoroughly evaluated by a highly qualified HVAC pro as a part of the home-buying process can help you to avoid a costly surprise down the road.

Identify Performance Issues

Unless the previous homeowners provide complete documentation regarding the HVAC system, you will not know if it received the care and maintenance required to keep it running efficiently. Using dedicated HVAC tools, your HVAC technician can determine how well the system performs. By observing or listening to the system, your technician’s inspection may also discover parts that may be close to failure.

Inspect for Safe Operation

The HVAC system may use fuels such as gas for warmth. The inspection may turn up safety issues that would otherwise go unrecognized. The technician will measure the carbon monoxide output from the combustion chamber and near the unit itself. An elevated carbon monoxide reading may indicate the system has a cracked heat exchanger, making the system unsafe to use. This is an expensive repair and it is almost always better to replace the furnace instead.

Ductwork Integrity

An HVAC contractor will check the ductwork for leaks and mold growth. If there are any vented gas appliances, like a water heater or dryer, in the home, the pro will look for leaky ducts that can backdraft carbon monoxide into the home. Leaking ducts pull dust and debris indoors from the areas, reducing indoor air quality. If leaks or cracks in ducts are not repaired, your energy bill will also increase as conditioned air cannot circulate through your home effectively.

To learn more about the value of an HVAC system inspection when buying a home, contact Bass Air Conditioning Company at 910-778-1536. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the right solutions for your current or new home.

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