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HVAC Contractor Compliance

The US Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Program has found that residential and commercial structures lose significant amounts of energy through leaky, and inadequately installed ductwork systems. Moreover, this amounts to hundreds of dollars each year, as your hard working HVAC system leaks up to 40 percent of its output through faulty ductwork.

HVAC Contractor Compliance

Recently, new ductwork system regulations were adopted by the International Code Council and the NORTH CAROLINA STATE BUILDING, ENERGY CONSERVATION CODE, section 403.2 to tighten this largely overlooked area of energy management. However, for many local HVAC contractors, acquiring an inspection certification, along with the cost of testing and the hourly commitment to conduct the inspection throughout attics and crawl spaces – is a prohibitive factor in meeting the new regulations.

Some HVAC contractors will perform spot-checks on the ductwork, including seams and connections, but are not equipped or qualified to conduct a duct leakage test. In addition, enforcement of the new duct system regulation is spotty or non-existent. In renovations and new building construction, duct system integrity is critical to your home’s overall energy efficiency.

Proficiency and Preparedness

As a highly reputable, Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Bass Air Conditioning Company is an HVAC contractor that takes your hard earned dollars seriously, offering a comprehensive inspection and testing of your duct system. Bass Air Conditioning Company proudly works with expertly skilled, state certified, third party home efficiency contractors to ensure your ductwork is sealed and tested according to the North Carolina State, Energy Conservation Code. Currently, this code allows contractors to verify their own duct systems.

At Bass Air Conditioning Company, we feel that the customer deserves more than a simple, “It’s OK.” Therefore, when this new code came into effect in 2012, we decided to give our customers an added peace of mind and use an unbiased, third party testing agency to certify our systems even though it is presently, not a requirement.

Learn more by reading about our duct replacement and custom fabrication services, or call Bass Air Conditioning Company at 910-778-1536 to discuss your HVAC needs with a certified professional today.

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