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How UV Lights Work

Mold spores can get into your Fayetteville, North Carolina, home through windows, doors, gaps in your insulation, or your HVAC system. It can grow almost anywhere that has enough moisture and oxygen –like on carpeting, ceiling tiles, walls, and more. Mold spores can make allergies and asthma worse or cause flu-like symptoms. People with health problems, especially respiratory issues, are more vulnerable to the mycotoxins produced by mold. You can use a coil sterilization or air sterilization UV light to prevent mold and keep your home’s indoor air quality high.

How UV Lights Work

UV or ultraviolet lights can keep mold from growing in places that are difficult to clean, like your ductwork or your air conditioning coil. People can’t see this type of light, but it damages the DNA of mold spores, keeping molds in your home from reproducing. The right UV light also prevents mold in your shower, under your sink, and in other moist or humid places.

Coil Sterilization Lights

Your air conditioner’s evaporator or induction coil carries cold refrigerant from your air conditioner. The coil’s low temperature often causes condensation, which encourages mold growth. Coil sterilizing UV lights attach to the inside of your outdoor air handler with a strong magnet and work 24 hours per day to prevent mold and extend your HVAC system’s life.

Air Sterilization Lights

UV lights are installed in return air ducts, and only come on when your HVAC system’s fan starts running. That way, the lights can conserve energy and kill many of the mold spores in your home’s air. Since dead mold spores also can cause health problems, you should change your HVAC system’s air filter at least once per month.

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