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How Old Is Your Ductwork?

Your HVAC system’s ductwork circulates warm air to make you feel comfortable in the chilling winter of Aberdeen, North Carolina. Old, damaged, and dirty ducts worsen indoor air quality and allergy symptoms. They also reduce the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment. Replacing your old, worn-out ducts is usually less expensive and easier than making major repairs. Though most of your ductwork is hidden and the defects may go unnoticed, there are certain signs that indicate the need to replace your ducts.

How Old Is Your Ductwork?

With regular cleaning and maintenance, your ductwork should last 10 to 15 years. The seals and joints start falling apart after 10 years.

If your ductwork is older, you’re more likely to experience major issues like pest infestation, worn-out surfaces, wide gaps and damaged sections. This may cost you substantially infrequent repairs, patch-up work, and lost efficiency. Replacing your ducts is the only sensible option in such cases.

Is Your Indoor Air Quality Consistently Poor?

If your HVAC system is clean yet your indoor air quality is poor, your ductwork is likely the culprit. Leaky ducts with gaps and holes pull in dust, pollen and other contaminants, circulating them throughout your home. This makes the air unhygienic and poses serious health risks to occupants. Asthma patients may experience a stuffy nose, difficulty breathing, and irritation of the eyes and throat.

Are You Using Excess Energy?

A high energy bill is another indicator of leaky ductwork. Check the exposed ducts for holes and tears. 

The definitive way, however, is to get an HVAC professional to conduct a duct blower test to figure out the scale of the leakage. If the leaks are minor, you can have them sealed. But in case of major leakage, consider replacing the ductwork.

Let the duct replacement experts at Bass Air Conditioning Company assess your ductwork. We can fabricate and install custom ductwork for full and partial replacements. Call 910-778-1536 to schedule an appointment.

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