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Heat Pumps Transfer Heat and Work Best During Milder Winters

When the temperatures in Fayetteville, North Carolina, are extremely cold, your heat pump can’t keep up with demand. That’s because there isn’t enough auxiliary heat to warm your home to a cozy and comfortable temperature. Investing in a high-quality furnace and firing it up during extremely cold conditions is the best way to secure home comfort.

Heat Pumps Transfer Heat and Work Best During Milder Winters

A heat pump transfers thermal energy from one location to another. In an HVAC sense, it can extract thermal energy from the air outside or from the ground to transfer it inside your home. The energy is then compressed and the resulting heat transferred through a set of coils. They can provide heat to homes in temperate winter climates, but you’ll need a second heating source in case of extreme temperatures.

The biggest benefits of heat pumps are:

  • They use a small amount of electricity to operate.
  • They are cleaner for the environment, because they don’t burn fuel.
  • You can switch them to ‘cool mode’ for air conditioning in the summer.

Furnaces Generate Heat and Work Best During Extremely Cold Winters

A heat pump is a great HVAC option to consider in Fayetteville. But when the temperatures dip well below freezing and the blizzards blow through, a furnace is essential. That’s because, instead of transferring heat, these types of heating systems generate it. As opposed to a heat pump, a furnace will work in any extreme winter temperature and includes these benefits:

  • Today’s furnaces have great energy efficiency.
  • Furnaces are common, which means you have plenty of options to choose from.
  • Furnaces heat your home quickly to a comfortable level.

No matter which type of heating system you rely on for warmth during the winter, Bass Air Conditioning Company can help you maintain it and ensure it’s operating efficiently. Contact us at 910-778-1536 to learn more about the heat pumps, furnaces, and all of the other winter HVAC options we carry and install.

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