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Dirty Filters

For Fayetteville, North Carolina, homeowners, maintaining your home’s indoor air quality is essential for overall comfort. After all, if your indoor air is polluted, it can affect your health. Stay alert for common HVAC issues, such as dirty air filters, blocked ductwork, and lack of proper ventilation that can compromise your home’s indoor air quality.

Dirty Filters

Clogged air filters can be a prime cause of heating and cooling issues in your home. If your home’s indoor air quality is stifling, check the filters first. Clogged filters allow dust and debris that would normally be filtered out of a room to circulate back into the home. This can aggravate the respiratory systems of those with allergies and asthma.

If you notice a lot of dust accumulating on surfaces in your home, change the filters, and get into the habit of changing them regularly. Basic filters need to be changed at least once every four to six weeks.

Blocked Ductwork

If you are changing your air filters but still notice issues with your indoor air quality, the problem likely lies within your home’s ductwork. Like air filters, dust and debris can clog air ducts, especially in homes with older HVAC systems. You can usually tell if you have blocked ductwork by checking a vent for airflow. If the airflow seems to be restricted, you probably have a blocked duct. When blocked ductwork is the culprit, schedule an appointment with one of our Bass Air Conditioning Company service technicians.

Lack of Ventilation

Modern home designs incorporate airtight features to reduce the loss of conditioned air produced by your HVAC system. These design features, however, can also trap pollutants indoors. Consider investing in a mechanical ventilation system, which provides fresh air and removes pollutants, odors, and moisture. These systems circulate fresh air through your HVAC system’s ducts and fans, boosting your indoor air quality and making your home more comfortable.

Address your home’s HVAC system and indoor air quality issues by calling the service professionals at Bass Air Conditioning Company today. Call 910-778-1536 for solutions that make a difference.

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