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But I Don’t Want a Programmable Thermostat

Alas our all-knowing and ever caring government has seen fit to change the building codes yet again ostensibly to save energy. Seems that the bureaucrats in charge of the codes have decided that all new and replacement furnace installations must include a programmable thermostat whether you, the homeowner, want one or not. We as a licensed contractor must abide by these rules in order to do business. You may ask, “But I don’t want a programmable thermostat because they are too hard to operate – what are my options?”  There are some types of programmable thermostats that self-program, and communicate via Wi-Fi to the internet for weather data and remote operation/monitoring. These will appeal to the technical among us. For those of us who just want a simple thermostat that’s easy to operate, well we can show you some simple ways to achieve this even with a programmable unit.