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Better Performance

Without a doubt, the summers in Sanford, North Carolina, can be unbearably hot. Unfortunately, due to procrastination and focusing on other priorities, many homeowners fail to get their air conditioner in top shape for the summer heat. But don’t worry, even though summer is well underway, you can still reap the benefits of AC maintenance: better performance, better energy efficiency, and cleaner air.

Better Performance

According to U.S. Climate Data, the average high temperature of Sanford in July is 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In your battle to combat the summer heat, preventive maintenance will improve your air conditioner’s performance. Without maintenance, air conditioner units require more energy to cool your home, and even then, cooling might be uneven or ineffective. And of course, an untimely breakdown is likely.

If your air conditioner could use a tuneup, chances are it’s failing to keep you and your family comfortable at the hottest hours of the day. Get preventive maintenance to enjoy the rest of summer in comfort.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Energy costs for most homeowners increase significantly during the summer. If you are tired of spending so much money to run your air conditioner, you need to examine its energy efficiency. By boosting your AC unit’s performance, preventive maintenance will boost energy efficiency because the unit won’t have to work as hard to cool down your home.

If your energy bills were very high the first month of summer, reduce your spending by scheduling preventive HVAC maintenance. This way, you’ll enjoy lower costs for the rest of the summer.

Cleaner Air

During the summer, allergens like pollen and dust mites are rampant. Fortunately, preventive maintenance will improve the quality of your air. For example, one of our techs can replace your air filter for immediate, better indoor air quality. We can also recommend an air purifier for your home if you’re worried about continued allergy or asthma attacks beyond just the summer season.

The hot weather might be with us a while longer, so it’s not too late to get your AC unit tuned. For more information about preventive maintenance, don’t hesitate to call Bass Air Conditioning Company at 910-778-1536 to speak with one of our skilled and experienced technicians.

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