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Avoiding Leaks and Restricted Airflow

Poorly installed ductwork increases your utility bills and makes your Fayetteville, North Carolina, home less comfortable. It also makes mold growth, pests, and other indoor air quality problems more likely. Your HVAC contractor should make sure your ducts are the right size for your home and have no holes, gaps, or damage that cause air leaks. Your fan also needs to be strong enough for good airflow.

Avoiding Leaks and Restricted Airflow

Too many curves or dents in ducts will force your HVAC system to work harder and shorten its life. This can also cause annoying rattling noises. Installers should attach the joints between ducts with clamps and metal tape to make them airtight. To save energy, install as much of your ductwork as possible in the conditioned parts of your home. Insulate ductwork in unconditioned spaces like your basement or attic to prevent leaks. It is a good idea to use poles, support straps, or another material to hold your ducts in place to keep them from sagging.

Duct Sizing

Sizing duct systems is very important and should not be estimated. Technicians are generally required to use the Manual D load calculation. This method of calculation for duct design and installation, factors in the size of your home, the amount of insulation, the number of people in your home, and the type of HVAC system you have installed. Contractors can do these calculations manually or use software.

Fan Capacity

Larger homes need powerful fans to move air through their ducts, especially to rooms far away from the HVAC system. If the fan is too small, some rooms will always be too hot or too cold even if you have a very powerful heater and air conditioner. A good installer should remember to choose a fan strong enough to move air efficiently through the ducts, and the various rooms in your home.

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