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4 Energy Saving Myths About Thermostats and AC Units

It’s no surprise that energy myths surrounding heating and cooling, thermostats and energy efficiency abound. The technology inside many home appliances has progressed to the point that the old guidelines for saving energy and extending appliance life are no longer valid.

Here are four common energy myths that may be causing you more harm than good.

  • MYTH: You can speed up home heating and cooling.
    Your home won’t heat or cool faster by turning the thermostat up or down a significant amount. Most HVAC systems operate at one speed, regardless of how different the thermostat is set. The exception is with variable-speed furnaces and air conditioners that adjust their output based on the temperature differential. In a single-speed system, doing so could increase energy bills unnecessarily if you forget to reset the thermostat to your normal temperature setting.
  • MYTH: High efficiency HVAC systems automatically cut energy bills.
    It’s true that high efficiency air conditioning and heating systems do cut energy consumption, but to realize their potential savings, they must be properly sized and installed for the home. Any HVAC system that’s too large or small will use more energy, wear faster, and deliver less comfort than one that’s been methodically sized for the home using Manuals J and D software.
  • MYTH: Leaving lights and devices on saves money and energy.
    The technology inside many devices, including computers, has changed to the point where the small surge of power they now use at start-up is much less than they use by turning them off when no one is using them.
  • MYTH: Energy efficient homes cost more to build.
    A home that earns an energy efficient designation doesn’t necessarily cost more to build, especially if the HVAC system has been accurately sized for it, since smaller HVAC systems cost less initially.

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