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4 Benefits of Having the iWave Air Purifier in Your Home

Air Purifier Provides Clean Environment

Indoor air quality is a major health concern for families in White Oak, NC. When you keep your home’s windows closed, the air becomes stale and full of particulates. The iWave Air Purifier combats this problem with new technology.

The Importance Indoor Air Quality

Firstly, your indoor air contains many particulates you’ll never see. They can have a detrimental effect on the health of your family, especially those with breathing problems. Properly maintaining your HVAC system can help. An air purifier makes the entire system far more capable and efficient.

What’s the iWave Air Purifier?

The iWave Air Purifier uses electricity to clean your indoor air. It creates an ionic wave that acts on the particulates floating in your air. This wave increases the efficiency of your filters and destroys harmful organisms in your home, offering your home many benefits.

Kills Bacteria and Viruses

As bacteria and viruses pass, the ionized wave rips their hydrogen atoms away. Hydrogen is a key component to keeping bacteria and viruses alive. Without hydrogen, they can’t feed. As a result, they die.

Better Filtration

The ionization process makes the particulates in your air stick together and form into clumps of matter. This makes the particulates physically larger and easier for your filters to catch. This pulls pollen, dust and even odors from your air. As a result, it improves your indoor air quality.

Easy to Install

There are many installation options for the iWave Air Purifier. It’s small enough to fit inside your ductwork, but you can also stick to the outside with magnet mounts. Its variable input power supply makes it easy to hook up to whatever power source is nearby.

No Maintenance

Finally, the iWave Air Purifier is virtually maintenance-free. Its few moving parts aren’t designed for replacement, and the ionization needle is self-cleaning. This makes it the one part of your HVAC system you can safely install and forget.

Call us at Bass Air Conditioning Company to get your iWave Air Purifier installed anywhere in the White Oak, NC, area today. Our friendly and knowledgeable service technicians will have your family breathing clean air in no time.

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