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How a Humidifier Increases Your Comfort in Cold Weather


You might spend more time inside your home this winter than usual. Therefore, it’s vital to make it feel as comfortable as possible for your family. Among many other HVAC systems and devices, a humidifier can make your Spring Lake, North Carolina, home more comfortable in winter. It can even lower your utility bills and prevent cracks in wooden walls, floors or furniture. A humidifier increases comfort by making your home feel warmer, preventing health problems and reducing static electricity.

Makes Your Home Feel Warmer

Increasing the humidity of your home’s air causes it to feel warmer without changing its temperature. In summer, this effect makes humid days feel too hot. However, humid days feel more comfortable in winter. This also applies for homes that have a higher humidity.

Prevents Health Problems

Your furnace can lower the humidity in your home during winter, making the air uncomfortably dry. Dry air can cause nosebleeds, eye irritation, dry skin, and increased asthma or allergy symptoms. Viruses also travel more quickly through dry air.

A humidifier can help you prevent colds and other common symptoms of dry air. It can also help you sleep better by making you more comfortable. That way, you can recover faster if you get a cold or another illness.

Reduces Static Electricity

Dry air conducts static electricity easily, and it can cause annoying shocks when you touch your pet, get dressed in the morning or even brush your hair. Static can also harm your electronics, especially small devices like smartphones. Fortunately, a humidifier adds extra moisture to the air and keeps static from forming.

You can also use an anti-static spray and rub upholstery with dryer sheets to prevent static. Avoiding synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, and wearing cotton or wool instead, can avoid static too.

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