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4 Signs of Geothermal System Problems

Geothermal System Problem

How do you know when your geothermal heat pump needs a repair? A malfunctioning geothermal heat pump can increase your energy bills and make your home in Hope Mills, North Carolina, uncomfortably cold. Here are four signs something is wrong with your geothermal system:

Loss of Power

Your geothermal system may have a serious problem if it loses power suddenly or needs more time to reach an ideal temperature. The problem can be a malfunctioning interior cabinet or a damaged loop. Call a professional HVAC service technician to check your geothermal heat pump if you notice these signs.

Higher Energy Costs

A faulty heat pump may increase your energy bills. When the unit doesn’t perform optimally, it has to work harder or longer to provide the same results. This forces it to use more energy, which raises your utility expenses. If you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills with no noticeable change in the weather, your heat pump might have issues. Call a qualified HVAC professional to check the system.


If there’s corrosion on the heat exchange coils of your geothermal heat pump, you may need a replacement. The unit uses the coils to dissipate heat. But corrosion reduces heat transfer and lowers the performance of the HVAC system. This problem might be because of age or damage. No matter the case, it requires the prompt attention of a trained expert.

Pump Rattles During Operation

The only sound your geothermal system should make while it’s on is a slight hum, which comes from the compressor. There’s a problem if the unit makes loud grinding or rattling noises during operation. The problem can be a mechanical failure or damage to a vital component. To prevent further damage and potentially expensive repairs or replacements, contact an expert to diagnose and resolve the issue.

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