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How to Stay Comfortable in Fall and Winter Without Wasting Energy

Staying Comfortable Without Wasting Energy

Cold weather can make your Fayetteville, North Carolina, home feel chilly and increase your utility bills. Fortunately, you can make your home cozy without needing to increase the temperature settings on your thermostat. To stay comfortable during fall and winter while conserving energy, you should add insulation, take care of your HVAC system and use a humidifier.

Improve Your Insulation

Improving your insulation and tightening your home’s thermal envelope can help you prevent hot or cold spots and uncomfortable drafts that waste energy. Some types of insulation can become compacted and less effective over time. Also, leaks or gaps could appear because of pests or inclement weather. A professional can let you know exactly where your house needs more insulation and help you keep your home’s envelope sealed tightly.

Maintain Your HVAC System

Before you turn on your heater this fall, have it checked by an expert. Doing so will help take care of any issues that can waste energy. You can also avoid bad smells, annoying noises and uncomfortable breakdowns. Remember to replace your system’s air filter every few months.

Also, keep leaves and other debris away from your outdoor unit. Place an awning over your unit to help protect it, and remove objects from around it, such as twigs and grass clippings. Keeping your HVAC system in great condition will save money and extend its life.

Add a Humidifier

Your HVAC system can make your home’s air feel dry in winter. Low humidity can lead to dry eyes, itchy skin, nosebleeds and sinus problems. It can also make your indoor air feel colder. As a result, you’ll have to use your heater more to warm your home. Placing a whole-home humidifier in your ductwork will make your house more comfortable and allow you to save energy by reducing your reliance on your heater.

Bass Air Conditioning Company can help you increase your comfort and maintain your HVAC system. We’re a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer with decades of experience. For friendly service from our knowledgeable HVAC professionals, call us at (910) 672-8885 .

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