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3 Benefits of Using a UV Lamp in Your Home

UV Lamp Benefits

A UV lamp produces a type of strong ultraviolet light that the atmosphere usually blocks. It can kill microorganisms and small pests in your Spring Lake, North Carolina, home and stop them from reproducing. You can have a coil sterilization lamp placed inside your HVAC system, or you can get an air sterilization light installed in your ducts. A UV lamp can easily improve your indoor air quality, help you save money and increase your comfort.

Better Indoor Air Quality

UV lamps improve your home’s indoor air quality by getting rid of biological growth. They can prevent asthma and allergy symptoms like rashes, eye irritations, headaches, fatigue and many other consequences of poor indoor air quality. They can even help you avoid illnesses, like colds or the flu, by eliminating viruses and bacteria. They’re especially helpful for people who have weakened immune systems from other health issues.

Increased Energy Savings

A UV light can keep organisms from reproducing and causing damage in your ductwork, walls, ceilings and carpeting. It also prevents clogged air filters that could restrict your HVAC system’s airflow, increase your utility bills and shorten your heater and air conditioner’s life. You can reduce maintenance costs and expensive breakdowns while increasing your home’s value.

To keep your system working well, you should still have it checked by a professional once per year. You should also replace your air filter every few months and have your UV lamp’s bulb changed once per year as well.

Enhanced Home Comfort

With a UV lamp, you can avoid unpleasant musty or rotting smells from biological growth. UV lights also protect your walls, ceilings, floors and furniture by preventing unsightly stains caused by microorganisms. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any awkward smells.

Bass Air Conditioning Company is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer that’s been serving the area for decades. We can help you install a UV lamp, maintain your HVAC system and improve your indoor air quality. You can contact our outstanding, friendly staff at (910) 672-8885 .

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