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4 Strange Sounds Coming From Your AC System

Strange Sounds Coming From Your AC System

During the hot summer months in Fayetteville, North Carolina, you need a functional air conditioner to stay comfortable. As the summer winds down, your AC system is likely ready for a break. If your AC system is making strange sounds, it’s important to know what they may mean and what to do. Here are four strange sounds that might come from your AC system:

Grinding or Squeaking

If you hear a grinding or squeaking sound coming from your AC system, it might mean that one of the moving parts has come loose and is grinding against something else. Another common cause is the fan motor, which can scrape against its casing if it becomes bent or unbalanced. An HVAC service technician can take a closer look at the inside of the unit to figure out what may be scraping and causing the sound.


A rattling sound often comes from the ducts that carry the air between the rooms of your home. If any of the ducts have come loose, the joints may rattle as the air moves through them. Your HVAC service technician can reattach any loose ducts or replace sections that are damaged beyond repair. Improperly sized ductwork can also cause the rattling sound.

Clanking or Banging

A banging or clanking noise can be startling, especially if it starts in the middle of the night when you’re sleeping. This is another sign of a component within the unit that has come loose or slipped out of balance. Some examples of parts that could be loose include:

  • Connecting rods
  • Crankshafts
  • Piston pins
  • Indoor blowers


When your air conditioning system powers on, you might hear a few clicking sounds. That’s perfectly normal. But if the noises continue, you could have a failing thermostat or defective control knob. Since continuous clicking often indicates a problem with the electrical components, it’s best to contact an HVAC service technician right away to make sure your system is safe to use. Otherwise, you risk fire and experiencing health hazards.

Do you hear strange sounds coming from your AC system as the summer winds down and fall begins? Contact Bass Air Conditioning Company by calling (910) 672-8885  for immediate help. We can repair the issue right away.

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