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HVAC Considerations for Respiratory Concerns

HVAC Considerations for Respiratory Concerns

The indoor air in your Lumberton, North Carolina, home is probably more polluted than the air outside. However, your HVAC system can be a valuable ally in improving poor indoor air quality and alleviating your respiratory concerns. You should replace filters regularly, install air purifiers, and schedule duct cleaning to make the air hygienic for asthmatic family members.

Replace HVAC Filters

Air filters remove dust particles, pollen and other contaminants from the air that goes into your HVAC system for treatment. Over time, these filters become dirty and clogged with pollutants. These pollutants can then force their way into the system or become airborne externally.

Replacing your air filters every 90 days keeps the air clean and improves operational efficiency. Make sure you buy a high-quality air filter.

Install Air Purifiers

Though air filters are an essential part of your HVAC system, they might not handle tiny particles. Whole-home air purifiers help you trap allergens and microbes before they reach your HVAC filter.

Additionally, consider installing UV lamps to sterilize the evaporator coil and the air circulating around it. Both air purifiers and UV lamps help you breathe easier. However, an HVAC professional should install them, since improper installation renders them ineffective and inefficient.

Schedule Duct Cleaning

The air that your HVAC system delivers travels through the ductwork several times. Ducts containing dust buildup, molds, and rodent droppings can contaminate the air throughout your home. Leaky and damaged ducts are more prone to harboring unhygienic elements.

You should schedule duct cleaning at least once every three years. It ensures clean and healthy air while also improving the efficiency of your system. If your ductwork is too old or contains a lot of microbial growth, consider replacing the ductwork instead of cleaning it.

If you have concerns regarding your indoor air quality, contact us at (910) 672-8885 . The NATE-certified service technicians at Bass Air Conditioning are happy to help you breathe fresh and healthy air.

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