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4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Pro for Your Ductwork

Reasons Use a Pro for Your Ductwork

New ductwork can improve your energy efficiency, increase home comfort, and bring heating and cooling to new areas of the home. If you’re planning to add or adjust ductwork in your home, it’s important to turn to a pro. Ductwork is extremely complicated as a DIY job. A professional can make sure your ductwork installation is designed properly and completed quickly, so your Sanford, North Carolina, home has fresh new ducts in no time.

Streamlined Placement from a Pro

Designing ductwork is a complex task. To get it right, you need to consider airflow, duct sizing, and home layout. If you use too many corners in your ductwork design, you’ll have uneven temperatures with hot and cold spots around the house. Your HVAC system may end up working harder than necessary to push air through the ductwork, resulting in higher utility bills, more strain on your system, and a shorter life span for your furnace and air conditioner.

Our professional technicians will help you pinpoint the best possible placement for your ductwork, offering simple, streamlined designs that help your furnace and air conditioner work as efficiently as possible. Problem-solving is included in the job. DIY-ers may have to go back and make tweaks, while our pros can get it done in one go.

Quality of Labor that Comes from Experience

A professional can offer higher quality labor than even the most talented DIY-er. It takes years of training and experience to master the finer points of ductwork installation. A qualified professional will know how to choose ductwork with the right dimensions and insulate it with material that has the appropriate R-rating.

If you’re updating or adding ductwork in an existing home, a professional will know the best way to access your ducts. Depending on your home, this may involve removing drop tiles from the ceiling, working in the attic space, or removing drywall and plaster. An uninformed mistake can be quite costly in a finished home construction. A pro can minimize your risks and ensure a higher-quality job.

Timely Installation for Quick Comfort

Installing new ductwork is a time-consuming task. While you’re in the middle of the project, you’ll be without heating and cooling in your home. This can lead to an uncomfortable environment. You don’t want to wait weeks to restore comfortable temperatures to your house. This is uncomfortable at best and hazardous to your home at worst.

In the summer, your air conditioner also serves as a natural dehumidifier. If you’re without air conditioning for too long, your home can become damp and musty, providing the perfect environment for mold or mildew to grow. Work with a professional to make sure your ductwork gets done fast.

Professional Materials at Affordable Prices

If you’re considering a DIY ductwork job to save money, you should think about more than just the cost of labor. While you will indeed pay a professional for hsi or her time and labor, you’ll save on other expenses. Purchasing home improvement materials in bulk is far cheaper than buying them in small quantities for one-time use.

The ductwork itself is only part of the expense. You’ll also need professional quality sealing materials. An experienced HVAC technician will seal both your existing ducts and any new installations with mastic, a special metal-backed tape, or an aerosol sealant. You may need a combination of products to suit your ductwork construction, with tape for easy-to-reach areas, mastic for slightly trickier spots, and an aerosol for the far corners.

A professional will have all the necessary supplies on hand in ample quantities to get the job done right, while you may end up with unused excess, or feel you need to choose just one approach to sealing your ducts to keep costs down.

If you’re looking for the right pro to handle your ductwork installation, give Bass Air Conditioning a call at (910) 672-8885 . We’ll help you choose the best products for your home and streamline your ductwork design. With our experienced technicians on hand, your ductwork project will be completed quickly and efficiently so you can sit back and enjoy your comfortable home.

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