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How A Duct Replacement Can Solve Your Comfort Issues


The long, hot day is over, you changed out of your work clothes, and your favorite show is on tonight. All signs point to a relaxing evening, but no matter how you shift on the couch, you just can’t get comfortable. Your AC was recently serviced, so your discomfort shouldn’t have anything to do with that, right?

While the AC in your Fayetteville, North Carolina home may be running fine, if the ducts weren’t inspected during the last maintenance appointment, there could be unknown issues in the duct network affecting your comfort. Leaks will decrease comfort and indoor air quality. While duct replacement is a hefty investment, it will allow you to relax again.

Why Would I Need a Duct Replacement?

Just like any other part of your home, without proper maintenance the duct network can falter and fail. Leaks may form without you ever noticing. Some leaks can be sealed, but eventually it’s time to consider a complete duct replacement in order to preserve the comfort and efficiency in your home.

What Does Duct Replacement Have To Do With Comfort?

A new duct network contains air better than its broken predecessor, thus reducing strain on your AC – plus, it delivers the cool air you craved all day. An efficient HVAC system will also last longer, so you can stay comfortable for many seasons to come. Sealed ducts keep out dust and other harmful particles that leaks would otherwise allow into your airflow, which means that you’ll stay healthier. Health is a crucial factor in comfort. Leaks can also cause humidity issues, which can further reduce indoor air quality and cause discomfort.

You may not have planned on replacing your ducts when you planned your budget for the year, but investing in duct replacement may save you money on monthly utilities. Let our duct replacement experts assess your ductwork. To see the benefits of duct replacement firsthand, call Bass Air Conditioning Company at (910) 672-8885 .

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