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Why Humidity Matters in Your Business

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Humidity is a part of life here in the Red Springs, North Carolina area, but the higher moisture levels tend to hit hardest during the summer months. Humidity can affect the indoor air quality and comfort level in your business, making it harder to get work done and to breathe clean air.

Increased Energy Usage

Humidity can impact the energy usage at your commercial building since the system has to work harder to reduce moisture and keep the air at a comfortable temperature. An air conditioner is designed to remove moisture from the air, but when the levels are extremely high, it might not be able to keep up. One option to reduce the pressure on your building’s A/C unit is to install a dehumidifier, but make sure to keep the level at about 30-45 percent humidity to avoid problems that come with dry air.

Damage to Computers and Other Electronics

Too much moisture can also damage your company’s computers, equipment, devices, and other electronics. If you’re constantly having to replace these necessary items to get work done, you’ll end up spending a lot from your budget. Excessive moisture within a computer or mobile phone can also put the user at risk for electrical shocks.

Increased Bacteria

Higher humidity also leads to increased bacteria in the air, making it hard for your employees to stay healthy. Combat this problem by having the air ducts cleaned and sanitized regularly. Mold can grow in the ducts, leading to allergic reactions and serious respiratory problems. With a duct cleaning service, your experienced technician will vacuum out all dust, pollen, dander, dirt, and other contaminants from the system, then use a sanitizing treatment to eliminate bacteria and kill any mold that might be growing, resulting in improved indoor air quality.

With the right HVAC partner, your commercial building can stay clean and healthy throughout the changing seasons here in Red Springs. At Bass Air Conditioning Company, we offer duct cleaning, HVAC maintenance, and humidity solutions, so call us at (910) 672-8885  for more information.

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