Keeping Everyone Healthy This Winter


Protecting your indoor air quality can help you to keep your Spring Lake, North Carolina, home healthy and reduce asthma or allergy symptoms caused by dust, dirt, mold, pests, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. Cleaner air also makes your heater more efficient and prevents expensive breakdowns. It’s especially important in winter when people spend most of their time indoors. To keep your indoor air quality high and keep everyone healthy, make an effort to eliminate drafts, control your home’s humidity and clean regularly.

Get Rid of Leaks

Drafts often raise utility bills by forcing you to use your furnace more, and leaks can lead to water damage and mold. Pollutants can get into your home through leaks in its exterior. The air in most homes is actually more polluted than the air outside. For better indoor air, change or clean your HVAC system’s air filter as specified, and have your system inspected by a professional at least once per year. You can improve ventilation without wasting energy by using an Energy Recovery Ventilator.

Control Your Humidity

Your heater can take moisture out of the air in your home, making you feel colder and causing you to rely on it even more. Dry air can also cause sinus infections, sore throats, chapped lips and irritated skin. A humidifier will make you feel warmer and more comfortable in winter. Make sure you keep your home’s humidity at a comfortable level.

Clean Regularly

Dust ceiling fans, air registers and other surfaces regularly to keep pollutants from building up in your home. Check your ductwork by removing one of your air registers, and look for dust, cobwebs and other contaminants. If your ducts are dirty, have them cleaned by a professional.

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