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4 Best Window Treatments for Keeping Out Harsh Sunlight

best window treatments

When the late spring sun shines brightly in the windows of your Dunn, North Carolina, home, maintaining a cool indoor temperature can be challenging. To keep sunlight out and reduce solar gain, consider one of these four stylish window treatments.


Bypass indoor window treatments by installing your choice of awnings on your home’s exterior. An opaque and tightly woven awning can decrease solar heat gain by as much as 77 percent on windows that face south and 65 percent on windows that face west. Choose a synthetic material that resists water, mildew, and fading for awnings that withstand the test of time.


For an interior window covering, choose blinds that will give your HVAC system a break while still allowing a reasonable amount of sunlight into your home. Select the color, material, and slat width that offers you the flexibility you want while reducing solar heat gain.


Some of the most versatile window treatments available, curtains range from translucent coverings to heavy draperies. To keep out the most sunlight and heat in the spring, opt for medium-colored, closed-weave curtains. Select curtains with white-plastic backings and keep them closed during the day to reduce solar heat gain by as much as one-third. Lower your indoor temperatures even more by installing curtains close to windows and sealing them with Velcro or magnets.

High-Reflectivity Films

If you’d prefer something more subtle than traditional window coverings, consider a high-reflectivity film instead. Essentially sheets of tinted plastic, window films block certain types of light and can reduce solar gain by as much as 70 percent. Most window films are self-adhering, which means you can easily apply them yourself. Keep it simple with a standard film or take it up a notch with an antiqued or crackled finish.

Keep your Dunn home cool and comfortable with the right window treatments and an efficient air conditioner. Call our experts at Bass Air Conditioning Company today at (910) 672-8885 to learn more about your options.

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