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3 Common Myths About Geothermal Heating and Cooling

geothermal heating and cooling

Many myths exist about geothermal HVAC systems , leading some to believe that these systems are not practical for most homes. Every type of system has its limitations and you should separate fact from fiction so you can make the best decision. Find out how geothermal heating and cooling systems can reduce emissions and home energy costs in your Dunn, North Carolina home.

You Need Backup Heating and Cooling With a Geothermal System

When liquid circulates through a buried system of pipes, called an earth loop, it absorbs energy from the surrounding earth and uses it in heating
and cooling your home. You won’t need a backup system since underground temperatures are constant year-round and don’t change with weather or seasons. The very energy efficient geothermal system alone is able to effectively meet your air conditioning needs.

You’ll Need a Big Yard

A horizontal installation with pipes buried four to six feet below the ground might need some real estate but that is not your only option. With a vertical installation , you’ll need only a few square feet of land since the pipes extend between 100 and 400 feet underground. If you live near a lake or pond, installers can place the pipes underwater instead.

These Systems Aren’t Necessarily Environmentally Friendly

In terms of energy consumption other technologies might be more effective, but not where air conditioning is concerned. Since geothermal systems transfer instead of create heat, they use only a small amount of electricity, reducing greenhouse gases and your utility bills. You also don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide or other potentially dangerous emissions from a furnace.

Additionally, geothermal HVAC systems recycle the same water repeatedly, eliminating an impact on water utility charges, which is especially beneficial if it is connected to a water heater. If pipes are in a lake or pond, the pipes return all water to the original water source with no negative effects.

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