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4 Benefits of Furnace Service Before the Harsh Winter Hits


Experts recommend servicing your furnace annually to prevent a breakdown in the middle of a North Carolina winter, right when you need it most. Annual service and inspection will keep your system in top working condition, save energy, and even protect your health.

Keep Your Furnace in Top Condition

Preventive maintenance keeps your furnace functioning in top condition and guarantees it will work when you need it most. If your furnace stops working after hours, you could be severely inconvenienced unless your HVAC company provides emergency service. Regular maintenance helps you to avoid such emergencies by keeping your system in good working order. Your maintenance plan will also help you to avoid costly repairs through inflated emergency rates. Avoid this aggravation altogether and have a qualified HVAC technician service your furnace before the North Carolina winter hits.

Keep Your Home Safe

Furnaces burn fuel to produce heat. If there is a leak or crack in the heat exchanger, combustion gases might mix with the air in your house, contaminating your indoor air. Carbon monoxide leaks, for example, can prove deadly. Your technician will be able to locate and repair any leaks or suggest another course of action. Keep your household safe by keeping your maintenance appointment.

Maintain Energy Efficiency

Regular maintenance keeps your furnace operating efficiently throughout the season. This will save you money on your energy bill as well as increase the life of your furnace. You will also notice the difference in the performance of your system.

Keep Your Warranty Valid

Many furnace manufacturers require one service appointment per year to keep the warranty valid. Annual check-ups help to reduce the need for repairs and parts. Often, replacing a worn part can help to prevent more serious problems when your furnace is working the hardest in the colder winter months. If you schedule annual preventive maintenance before something goes wrong, you can avoid costly repairs later.

Call (910) 672-8885 to have a qualified Bass Air Conditioning Company HVAC technician service your furnace so that you will be well-prepared for winter.

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