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4 Ways to Lower Humidity in Your Home

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During the summer when it tends to get hot and humid, staying comfortable can seem almost impossible. There are several techniques you can implement to lower humidity in your home without significantly impacting your energy consumption.

Dehumidifiers Work

Your central air conditioning system removes humidity from the air as it cools, but sometimes that is not enough to keep you comfortable. A whole-home dehumidifier gives your home an extra cool boost by decreasing the indoor air moisture throughout your home. There are also dehumidifiers for smaller spaces if you are concerned about just one room. Lower humidity will help your home feel cooler, which means you won’t need to rely on your air conditioner as much for cooling.

Absorb Humidity with House Plants

If you are looking for a natural and inexpensive solution to your humidity woes, there are many plants that are great for indoor air quality, that also help to reduce humidity. Boston fern, Peace Lily, and English Ivy are among the plants that help to absorb much of that dreaded moisture.

Improve Air Circulation

On particularly hot and humid days, air can feel as if it is just standing still. Ceiling fans and indoor air quality products such as air purifiers and ventilators effectively remove stale air, replacing it with fresher, cleaner air. Improving the air circulation in your home in this manner is a great way to increase your family’s comfort level without overworking your air conditioner.

Use Vents and Fans

When you shower, use your clothes dryer, dishwasher and stove, for example, you produce moisture. Even simply washing dishes in hot water without the dishwasher will produce moisture. Appliances like your heater and stove are combustion appliances that increase the humidity. All such appliances should be vented outdoors. Similarly, because of the moisture produced during showers it is important to open the bathroom window or use the exhaust fan. Where possible use exhaust fans or open windows in all rooms where appliances or activities increase the humidity.

Keeping humidity at bay is very important. Apart from making your home uncomfortable, humidity creates ideal conditions for the growth and spread of mold spores.

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