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New HVAC Installations – 4 Key Factors You Need To Know


A quality HVAC installation involves a lot more than just choosing an efficient system for your Fayetteville home. Even with the best system, a poor installation can reduce its overall efficiency by more than 30 percent. For a proper HVAC installation, your contractor must consider the four important factors.

Proper System Sizing

Rule-of-thumb or general estimates of your home’s cooling requirements more often than not lead to an air conditioning system that’s either oversized or undersized, both of which can be detrimental to the system’s efficiency and life span. For a correct system fit, your contractor should perform a standard Manual J calculation, which takes other factors into account besides just the size of your home, including its insulation quality, arrangement of the rooms and number of occupants. Once the Manual J calculation is complete, your contractor can select the appropriate system for your cooling needs and budget.

Condition of the Ductwork

Leaky air ducts can reduce your system’s efficiency by over 15 percent. When installing a new HVAC system, your HVAC contractor should make sure the ductwork is sufficiently sized for the airflow requirements of your system and that the ducts are properly sealed with mastic or metal tape and then insulated.

Airflow Requirements

In order for your new system to run efficiently, the contractor must make sure the proper amount of air is flowing through the system and make adjustments where necessary to balance airflow. Poor airflow can interfere with the heat absorption process, making your system work harder to cool your home, which wastes energy.

Refrigerant Levels

During the HVAC installation, your HVAC professional must fill the system with refrigerant to the manufacturer’s recommended levels. Refrigerant levels that are too high or too low can interfere with the heat transfer process, leading to poor cooling performance, increased energy costs and higher maintenance costs.

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