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How Ceiling Fans Boost Air Conditioner Efficiency


A ceiling fan is a welcome addition to almost any room in your Fayetteville home, helping to circulate air and boost the efficiency of your air conditioner. As with any other appliance, the fan requires periodic maintenance and adjustment to ensure proper operation and longevity; here’s how to make the most of your investment.

Ceiling Fan Benefits

Fans are all about the wind chill factor, defined as the cooling effect produced when wind moves across the skin, increasing the evaporation rate of perspiration and making you feel cooler. Since the operating cost of a ceiling fan is significantly less than an air conditioner, turning it on in rooms that are occupied allows you to turn up the thermostat by several degrees and save energy.


Annual maintenance can help prolong the life of fans, protect indoor air quality, and increase efficiency and performance. These tasks include:

  • Inspection – Visually inspect each fan, looking for signs that it’s wobbly or off balance. Turn the fan off at the breaker before tightening any loose screws.
  • Cleaning – A fan’s blades accumulate dust over time, which can reduce airflow or contribute to wobbling. After turning the unit off, carefully wipe the blades using a non-abrasive material and cleanser.
  • Lubrication – Check the user manual first, as not all models require lubrication, and follow instructions carefully if it does.

Which Way Should the Blades Turn?

Most ceiling fans have a switch that allows you to change the direction of the fan blade according to season. In the summer, the blades should rotate counterclockwise, forcing the air down from the ceiling into the living spaces. Be sure the fan is in the off position before switching directions, and remember: fans only cool people, not rooms, so be sure to turn them off when you leave to conserve energy.

Learn more about using your ceiling fan to boost air conditioner efficiency, or for Bass Air Conditioning Company’s cooling solutions, contact us at (910) 672-8885 to schedule an appointment.

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