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Lumberton Heating System Survey – A New Furnace or a Heat Pump?

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If you live in the Fayetteville metro area, shopping for a new heating system begs many questions. You need to consider what type of furnace or heat pump will work best for your home, what energy sources are available in your local area, and your budget for installing a new heating system . Use this handy guide to ensure your complete comfort with your heating choice.

Steadfast Furnace

Gas furnaces are efficient and durable heating systems that may last 15 to 20 years and more. Furnaces offer reliable heating during Fayetteville’s coldest winter weather, quickly heating homes following energy-saving setback periods, such as during work and sleeping hours. The latest high-tech furnaces offer greater annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) than ever before, with the best of the best reaching 98-percent efficiency.

Multitasking Heat Pump

Heat pump systems use electricity to extract heat from outside air using refrigeration principles. The extracted heat energy is released at the air handler to be transferred to the home. Heating by refrigeration principles is very efficient in moderately cold weather. Once temperatures dip into the low 30s, however, a backup heating source is required.

Heat pumps offer more advantages by doubling as a home cooling system during the summer months and may also provide inexpensive water heating for the home with an add-on heat exchanger. Both furnaces and heat pumps may utilize the latest advanced features for variable-stage operation for heating and airflow to the home. And, make sure your new system is matched with the appropriate programmable thermostat.

Best of Both Heating Systems (and Cooling)

For many Lumberton area homeowners, a hybrid heating system is the most logical and efficient choice. A hybrid heating system is a heat pump with a gas furnace for supplemental heating in frigid temperatures. Hybrid systems cost more than a single furnace or heat pump, but the long-term energy savings may be worth it. Ask your certified heating system professional to perform a cost analysis so you can see real numbers regarding lifetime system costs.

For more expert advice about your next heating system, please contact us at Bass Air Conditioning Company today. We provide exceptional service, repairs and installation for our Fayetteville area communities.

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