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How to Reduce Heating Costs in Your Fayetteville Home This Winter

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Cooler weather in Fayetteville means it’s time to start thinking about the steps you can take now to reduce heating costs this winter. While having preventive maintenance performed on your heating system is the number one way to ensure top energy efficiency, there are several additional things you can do to help lower energy bills once the heating season is in full swing.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

For every degree you set back the thermostat for at least eight hours, you can save up to 3 percent on heating costs. A programmable thermostat makes it easy to save a considerable amount of money on energy bills. Program low thermostat settings for the times you’re asleep or away from home, and keep it set between 65 and 70 degrees while you’re at home.

Seal Air Leaks

Lower thermostat settings can keep you perfectly warm if your house is tightly sealed against air leaks. Use caulk and weatherstripping to seal leaks around windows and doors, baseboards, recessed lighting fixtures, and service entrances. If your home is particularly old and leaky, install window coverings or plastic over the windows for extra protection against cold air.

Lower the Water Heater Thermostat

Water heaters are typically set to 140 degrees at the factory, but you can save up to 6 percent on your water heating bill just by lowering the thermostat to 120 degrees. Lower settings help prevent scalding, and they also reduce the amount of sediment that builds up in the tank, which acts as insulation between the heating element and the water and reduces efficiency.

Shore Up the Attic Insulation

A surefire way to reduce heating costs this winter is to make sure your attic is adequately insulated. In order to keep warm air from escaping into the attic, you should have 12 to 15 inches of insulation with a rating of R-38. Insulation in the attic is also essential for preventing ice dams, which can cause serious damage to your home.

For more expert tips on ways to reduce heating costs, please contact us in the Fayetteville area at Bass Air Conditioning Company.

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