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How Can These Heat Pump Features Make Your North Carolina Home More Comfortable?

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North Carolina is the prime environment for heat pumps; even when the weather gets chilly, there’s enough environmental heat energy to warm your home. But while choosing between a traditional gas or oil furnace and a heat pump may be a simple choice for many homeowners, choosing the model and features of a heat pump can be complicated.

Heat Pump Features to Consider

  • Two-speed compressors – In most heat pumps, the compressor only has two settings: on and off. That means that it’s producing a constant amount of heat, regardless of how much heat it needs to warm your home. Temperature regulation occurs through cycling the compressor on and off. With two-speed compressors, the heat pump can produce the right amount of heat whether it’s a little chilly or bitterly cold, reducing temperature variation.
  • Variable speed motors – Like compressors, fan motors are generally on or off. And like compressors, motors can be upgraded to deliver more or less air through the ducts depending on how much warm air is needed. Both these heat pump features can work together to keep your home at a constant temperature with a reduction of system noise.
  • Backup heating – Some homeowners may be wary of heat pumps because their heating efficiency tapers off when temperatures outside fall below freezing – a time when you want heating more than ever. By pairing a heat pump with a backup heating source such as a traditional furnace, you can reap the benefits of a heat pump’s energy efficiency without worrying that you’ll be without heat during a cold snap.
  • Desuperheater – When a heat pump operates in cooling mode, it takes heat energy from your home and exhausts it outside. A desuperheater doesn’t leave it to exhaust, though; it uses that excess heat to warm water in your home. This not only reduces your reliance on gas or oil, but it also saves energy.

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