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Window Treatments: Why They’re Key in Saving Money

window treatments

While you can generally go inside to escape the heat in the Fayetteville area, you haven’t beaten the sun quite yet. Solar heat gain through the windows of your home can raise your indoor temperature considerably, and make your air conditioner work harder. That’s why window treatments can play a key role in a whole-house energy-savings plan. You can stop the heat before it reaches your indoor spaces and costs you comfort and money.

Different Types of Window Treatments

  • Awnings. Depending on the location of your window, awnings can reduce your heat gain 65 to 77 percent. Awnings can shade specific windows or the whole side of your house, reducing heat gain through your wall insulation as well. For added energy efficiency, you can even install solar panels as an awning, converting the sunlight into usable energy for your home.
  • Blinds. These treatments offer more versatility than awnings, allowing you to control light and heat ingress and breezes. Horizontal blinds also can reduce the need for lighting in the summer, as, when angled correctly, they reflect sunlight onto the ceiling where it diffuses into ambient light.
  • Curtains and draperies. Not only do curtains block light in summer, but insulated curtains can also slow heat loss in winter. The color and fabric type of drapery has a big impact on how it performs, so do some research before you buy.
  • Reflective films. Though they may not fit the aesthetics of all homeowners, reflective films on windows can divert a lot of heat energy from your home. Some high-performance films, having a mirror-like finish, can be good choices on windows where you want a little more privacy.

Window treatments are just one way you can optimize your home’s energy use when it’s warm outside. To learn more, or to schedule a home energy assessment, please contact us today at Bass Air Conditioning Company.

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