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Busting 5 Summer Energy Savings Myths

summer energy savings myths

It’s easy to fall for some common summer energy savings myths because on the surface, they make sense. However, these five myths can actually cost you more in both electrical consumption and wear on your cooling system.

  1. Closing off a room you’re not using saves energy. Shutting the registers and door to unused spaces can actually drive up cooling costs and A/C wear because it changes the pressure inside the ducts, which can cause leaks. Leaking ducts drive cooling costs up because the air you’ve paid to cool goes elsewhere.It also causes your A/C to run in short cycles because you’ve essentially made your home smaller for your air conditioner, which speeds up cooling. Short cycling increases energy consumption because these systems use the most power at start-up and it increases wear on the parts.
  2. Turning the thermostat down lower speeds the cooling process. Your system won’t cool any faster if you turn the temperature way down. The only exception to this rule is if you have a variable-speed system.
  3. Shutting the A/C off when you’re not home is another of the most common summer energy-savings myths. It’ll take far longer and use more energy to cool your home back down to comfortable levels. The best way to manage temperatures when you’re away is with a programmable thermostat.
  4. Leaving ceiling fans on in unoccupied rooms cools them. Ceiling fans cool you by moving air. If no one is in the room, the ceiling fan is wasting energy. Fans don’t change room temperatures in the summer.
  5. The air conditioner is the only way to stay cool. You can turn the temperature up and stay cooler by placing a wet washcloth over the back of your neck to feel cooler. Dressing in light, summer-weight clothing also helps. Seeking refuge in the basement or lower levels on hot days also cools you down.

For more information about summer energy savings myths and keeping your system as efficient as possible, please contact Bass Air Conditioning Company, serving homeowners in Spring Lake, Hope Mills, Fayetteville, Raeford, Dunn and Lumberton.

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