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Use Your Programmable Thermostat to Save Money This Summer

programmable thermostat

When summer rolls around and the weather gets warmer, you and your family no doubt consider your home a cool haven, a place to go to relax and beat the heat. Unfortunately, this can have a serious impact on what you’re paying for power. The good news is that you can use your programmable thermostat to save money if you follow these tips.

  • Install your thermostat away from anything that may skew the temperature readings. This includes heating and cooling vents, fireplaces and stoves, windows and skylights, large appliances, sources of lighting, or anywhere directly affected by sunlight or cool drafts. Any one of those things could lie to your thermostat about the temperature of your house.
  • Set your thermostat at “energy-saving” temperatures (lowered temperatures) whenever possible, like when you’re away from home or during the night when you’re asleep. This tip is doubly important if you’re going to be away from the home for more than 24 hours, as when you’re going on a vacation.
  • It may be tempting to override the pre-programmed settings, but avoid it if at all possible. Whenever you do that, it uses a significant amount of extra energy, which you’ll definitely notice on your power bill.
  • Use a different programmable thermostat for every room or zone in your house. You may have to pay more from the get-go, but you’ll save so much money through only cooling the rooms that are commonly used.
  • Make sure the batteries to your programmable thermostat are changed regularly. Some programmable thermostats let you know (often via a light or an on-screen icon) when your battery is low. Others, you’ll have to assess for yourself.

Depending on your heat pump and the rest of your heating/cooling system, you may need a special programmable thermostat to maximize savings, so don’t hesitate to contact a professional for their input.

If you’re looking to use your programmable thermostat to save money, you can find no better than Bass Air Conditioning Company. We serve the Fayetteville, Spring Lake, Hope Mills, Raeford, Dunn, and Lumberton areas of North Carolina. Don’t wait — contact us today!

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