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Why AC Units Freeze in the Summer

frozen AC

It’s your air conditioner’s job to keep things cool in your Spring Lake, NC, home, but sometimes, AC units can overdo that job. Freezing up is one of the most common AC issues we deal with at Bass Air, and fortunately, it’s usually an easy one to fix. Here’s how to fix a frozen air conditioner.

Low Outdoor Temperatures

Sometimes, when the outside air gets cool, the internal temperature of your air conditioner can drop enough to cause ice to form on the coils. This is most common near the beginning and end of the cooling season, but even in the height of summer, temperatures can dip at night. If you often see ice on the coils in the morning, falling overnight temperatures are likely to blame, so try shutting off the unit before bedtime and see if that fixes the problem.

Dirty Air Filter

Probably the most common cause of freezing is blockage from a dirty air filter. If there’s enough dust and debris to restrict the flow of cold air out of your unit, the interior temperature will drop accordingly, causing freezing. You can deal with this issue proactively by changing or cleaning the air filter every one to three months, depending on the filter. If your unit has a reusable filter, wash it with water and let it air dry completely; if you use disposable filters, go to a factory authorized dealer for replacements sized to fit your unit. To avoid even bigger issues, never let your air conditioner run while the filter is out.

Low Refrigerant Level

Refrigerant plays a vital role in the cooling cycle by physically transporting heat out of your house. During the cycle, refrigerant goes from liquid to gas and back to liquid, but no refrigerant is actually lost during normal operation. If your AC’s refrigerant level is below the recommended range, you likely have a leak, and that needs to be professionally repaired.

Air conditioning issues can be exceptionally frustrating, but we’re here to make the air conditioning repair process as easy as possible. If your air conditioner is freezing up and you’re not sure what to do, or if you have a refrigerant leak or other problem that requires professional service, give Bass Air Conditioning Company a call. Our technicians will come to your home as quickly as possible to assess the issue and help your family stay cool.

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