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AC Maintenance Checklist

Preventive maintenance isn’t an unfamiliar concept to most homeowners. Automotive tune-ups make a lot of sense, and you may recognize that without this type of service, your vehicle’s performance declines over time. The same is true of your air conditioning equipment. As moving parts age, wear and tear can decrease the efficiency of the entire system. Additionally, the accumulation of dirt in some areas can inhibit the performance of the system, leading to more frequent repairs or an early system failure. There are many benefits available for those who remember to schedule air conditioner maintenance annually.

What Is Preventive Maintenance?

A maintenance call involves the inspection of major components of your cooling system. As your HVAC technician evaluates your equipment, he will:

  • Clean and lubricate moving parts
  • Clean indoor coils, drain pans and drip lines
  • Clean outside coils
  • Inspect parts in condenser and evaporator units
  • Evaluate electrical connections and components
  • Test refrigerant levels
  • Test and calibrate thermostat
  • Check air pressure at vents
  • Visually inspect vent openings at registers
  • Note problems that may require repairs

Maintenance service is simple but thorough. When scheduled in advance of the summer heating season, this appointment allows you plenty of time to remediate problems that could lead to inadequate comfort control or potential repair needs later on.

What Are the Benefits of AC Maintenance?

There are three primary benefits of AC maintenance when it is completed on a yearly basis. These are:

  • Comfort – an optimized system provides the best comfort results in your home, allowing cool air to be delivered at an appropriate pressure throughout the house. If your air conditioner doesn’t produce cold air or delivers a weak stream of air, maintenance may be your path to a more comfortable home this summer.
  • Finances – energy efficiency in an air conditioning unit tends to decline about 5 percent each year. Maintenance allows you to combat this decline and keep your utility costs in check. In extreme cases, an unmaintained system can add 30 percent to home comfort costs because of dirty coils and 20 percent or more because of low refrigerant levels.
  • Longevity – an air conditioning system should last approximately 14 years. However, a system that is well-maintained may last even longer. A system that is severely neglected may fail much sooner, leading to expensive replacement costs.

Additional Benefits with an Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement

A service agreement is an excellent way to avoid neglecting your system. Many homeowners miss their annual service because they are busy and simply forget to schedule with their contractors. However, a maintenance plan places scheduling responsibility on the contractor, ensuring that you will be contacted when it is time for your annual tune-up.

An air conditioning maintenance agreement can also provide additional service and savings opportunities in connection with your home comfort equipment. Priority service is provided if repair needs crop up during seasonal use. While a tune-up can reduce your risk of repairs, it can’t prevent every possible malfunction. If something does go wrong, a maintenance agreement allows you to get help quickly. Additionally, many contractors offer discounted rates for repairs and equipment installations at homes that are covered under maintenance plans.

Additional HVAC Maintenance Needs

You will need to continue to monitor your air filter throughout the cooling season to keep your system functioning at its optimum. Dirty filters are common sources of problems during the summer months, and a monthly filter check allows you to make efficient replacements. Your ducts may also require occasional inspections and repairs to ensure optimum system performance.

At Bass Air Conditioning Company, our technicians are proud to offer efficient and friendly service. You can contact our Fayetteville, NC, office to learn more about our air conditioning maintenance agreements or to schedule an appointment today.

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