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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Occasionally someone will call us for a quote on a certain size air conditioning system and during the conversation we will ask how they arrived at that particular size. Sometimes they arrive at this size simply because they don’t want the air conditioner to run a long time, thinking this will save them on operating costs. Proper sizing is maybe the most important aspect of a good system assuming the installation and startup/checkout is done properly.

Most systems sold today are single speed single capacity/cooling power units. The only speed is on or off. So with the weather conditions constantly changing every hour of every day, you try to reach for a happy medium where there is enough capacity for very hot weather and not so much during mild weather as to just turn on and off constantly. However, this is not good for the compressor and will yield an uncomfortable home. So getting a heating/cooling load done on your home by a qualified professional and then choosing the RIGHT size equipment is imperative for an energy efficient and comfortable home.

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