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Winter Energy Saving Tips

Every year around this time we start seeing suggestions on how to lower our power bills. Everyone knows that you can save energy by lowering the temperature in your home but let’s take a look at some things that are not so obvious.

  • Air leaks. This is a big one. We’re talking about not only leaks around your windows and doors, but the leaks in your duct system too. Your duct system operates by pressurizing the ducts to move air so any leak, even a small leak is proportionally much worse than a leak in the wall. Most old duct systems are not sealed as well as they should be, so consider this when weatherizing your home. Other leaks that are not so obvious as the leaks that are built in. Leaks can occur in fireplaces, exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen, the chase built around the chimney, wall outlets, and holes that were cut in the structure for wiring and plumbing.
  • Insulation. Over time, blown in or loose insulation in attics will settle. Depending on the type, it could settle significantly. When this happens the insulating ability decreases and your energy bills go up. Also, floor insulation often falls down under the house and goes un-noticed especially if the home has a crawlspace in lieu of a basement. Fortunately both of these are easy and not excessively costly to fix.

When you look at the whole house as a unit you will be much more successful in your energy saving mission.

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